Buy Mass Dm Discord

Are you considering buy Discord Mass DM but are unsure whether to send them only to online members or to all members? Here are some of the advantages of both options to help you decide:

Sending DMs to online members has some benefits:

  • Online members are usually active users, so they're more likely to see your message immediately.
  • You can avoid sending messages to fake members who may not even exist.

On the other hand, reaching offline members also has some advantages:

  • You can reach a larger number of members with your Buy Discord Mass DM.
  • Offline members will see your message as soon as they come online, so you can still get their attention.
  • Not every member who appears offline may actually be offline, so you may still reach them through this approach.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Some of our customers prefer to send Discord Mass DMs to both online and offline members to maximize their reach and increase their chances of conversion.

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Typically, it takes us 12-48 hours to process your order. However, the delivery time for your message may vary based on the size of your order. For smaller orders, you can expect the message to be sent within 1-6 hours. For larger orders, it may take up to 12 hours.

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